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Andy Warhol Prints 

Mick Jagger

Limited edition signed and numbered screenprints   

all available for purchase  

[Andy Warhol Merce Cunningham I]

Merce Cunningham

Joseph Bueys

Hammer and Sickle special edition  sold

Double Torso  unique


unique trial proof Ingrid Bergman

Love Unique


Lee  Iacocca


Campbell's soup

(sold)complete portfolio sold

Hand painted flower

Sand H green stamp


[Andy Warhol Man Ray]
Man Ray  


Tacoma Domet
Tacoma Dome Unique

Joseph Bueys

diamond dust

Chelsea Girls (A169.056) 1982

Special edition Diamond dust shoes

portfolio of 5 prints edition size 10


Sigmund Freud


Electric chair 80



Martha Graham Kick


Trial Proof Apple

Warhol self (sold)


wrapping paper(sold)



drag queen

[Andy Warhol Jacqueline Kennedy II (Jackie II)]
Jackie 2



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